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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 8, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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so keep it here on fox news channel, most power full name in news. o'reilly factor is next starring none other than bill o'reilly. i think it's bill o'reilly. have you to ch good night. >> eric: this is a fox news alert. the dow closing down more than 634 points, the sixth worst on record. no relief in sight. this coming off the first ever downgrade of our national credit rating from a triple-a to a double-a plus. hello, everyone. 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino and judge andrew napolitano. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: as we all know, the rating agency s&p downgrading the u.s. late friday night. and today we saw the markets
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react predictably, be another bloodbath. here is what president obama had to say earlier. >> the markets will rise apes fall. this is the united states of america. no matter what some agency may say, we've always been and always will be a triple-a country. >> eric: no mr. obama, mr. obama, that 600-point downdraft was on the heels of a 500-point drubbing last thursday and whopping 2,000 point slide in just a few days. the market is screaming for help. obamanomics is failing. the president is clean out of ideas. dana, president obama keeps pointing the finger saying he inherited a bad economy, inherited a recession. he also inherited a triple-a rating. >> dana: couple of things. the line he delivered in the sound bite there, the line is a good one. if it was not read off a teleprompter. it is true.
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what i think he is missing with some hallowness and emptiness is passion he believe what is he is saying. part of that is a huge missed political opportunity on friday night no love lost for s&p or the other rating agencies. what they could have done friday is get right wing republicans and left wing democrats pull together to say we should all stand together and float this happen to the united states of america. we will not let it stand. they didn't and said nothing. then we get a caned statement today. >> eric: came to the point and the market was down 350 points, by the time the market closed down 630. 300 points but i believe people out there were waiting for leadership and waiting for him to say something that meant something. >> he didn't give us leadership. we have talked about this earlier. hallow and empty.
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we are a triple after h country. we are. this is an economic evaluation of the government, the federal government of which he is the head of the executive branch. this has nothing about our worth as a country. he should have given people meat to eat and something to hang on to with respect to where we are going. not that we are going to spend more money. than we take in. >> kimberly: you are right. instead of the president of the united states sounding authoritative and genuine and compelling to us feel better. instead you got the teleprompter of the united states. look what happened. >> eric: you got to go there. the market is falling apart. 2,000 point in the dow. forget about that. >> bob: so if obama went out tomorrow it could fall -- >> eric: this never happened before. never lost a credit rating. >> bob: i'll make a couple of sailient points because i'm
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outnumbered again. this is responsibility of the president and the congress. secondly, the economic evaluation by fraudulent operation by standard & poor's why anyone takes the people seriously is beyond me. these are the team people that gave the triple-a rating to mortgage backed security that led us in the great recession. anyone that puts them on television or listen to them go on, ought to be -- don't give them anything. they should be retired, fired and -- >> why did the treasury department spent a week negotiate them? if their word is worthless? >> bob: the word is worthless. you know why they did this? they said the press is waiting for an answer. this is where you are going to jump but if the tea party had not taken to us the edge, we would haven't had the problem. >> eric: can we play john terry and -- john kerry and
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david axelrod blaming the tea party go to that. >> the fact of the matter this is a tea party downgrade. >> i believe this is without question the tea party dow downgrade. >> if/am not mistaken tea party said cut spending and make sure the debt doesn't get bigger. >> saturday there must have been a conference call where the democrats said we tested this and we'll call it a tea party downgrade. in undignified way they all say the say thing. the american people see through this. it annoys them they're not taken seriously. it bothers them that we have to deal with entitlement and no one is coming forward. they missed a huge opportunity to pull people together. >> eric's first question was good. the market going down after the president spoke. is it possible the way the democrats think he thought he could stay above the fray and
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didn't want to get involved? only after everybody talked about nothing but this he jumped in around 1:30 afternoon? >> bob: the idea that eric suggests that the market went down means that eric spent last night at the wizard of oz's house. the market was going to go where it was going to go an anyway. >> why was he silent all weekend? >> bob: that was a mistake. when everybody pulls out stocks around the world, they go to gold and u.s. treasurys. so u.s. treasuries are not hurt by this. they're looking for this because it's a triple-a country. and standard & poor's is triple-f. >> eric: we did get downgraded. >> by fraudulent crap -- >> eric: fraudulent or not, it's the rules by which we play. the reason why they downgraded us is because of the spiraling debt number.
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not because we're not taxing enough. the amount of spending to the gdp. guess what? moody's today reaffirmed and said maybe they are right. maybe we're going to downgrade -- >> bob: i believe there is a conspiracy here. it do i spy standard & poor's got involved in the political system. it's political. >> dana: kimberly can make a point. >> but they would have given us the downgrade in the middle of the debt debate. that would have affected thin things. >> there was a bipartisan committee as well. but john chambers, there could be more to come. a one in three chance we could be downgraded again. >> bob: who cares? >> bob, you can say that, but there are ramifications from the downgrade. it's real. >> i care about a legitimate operation. the guy that does illegal poker game with me i a better chance. >> why are you hung up on the rating agency?
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>> they're fraud leapt. >> because they made mistakes in the past? >> i believe they involve themselves politically in this. 2013. >> dana: this is where the conspiracy theory -- >> bob: right. i'll stick by it, too. >> eric: we need to point out whether or not it's fraud leapt, whether or not you like the way the game is played, nonetheless, the world is on notice that mr. obama is the first president on record to have a rating, credit downgrade of the american economy under his belt. >> dana: thinking about this earlier, when the history books are written it won't say as some would like the downgrade happen during president obama's administration, but it was really bush's fault. in every administration you are dealt a hand and off choice on how to play the hand. that is an analogy bob can relate to. how you play the hand matters. what they do in the next few weeks will have a big impact.
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i remember august of 2008 watching the stock market fall. you can't comment on market movement but you can't say that the market didn't go down after he spoke. it did. the proof is in the pudding, bob. >> i know you know your history and that standard & poor's gave us a triple-a rating in world war i, in the great depression, world war ii. were those real or political? >> bob: shoring up the democratic administration. part of it was political then and part of is it political now. it's true that this will go down on n history on obama's watch but this is a credit rating if you want to call it that based on the entire deficit of the united states spread over a lot of years. it happened in obama's watch. you are right. this is accumulation of deficit. >> eric: no. john chambers on this morning and i interviewed him. he said the speed at which the debt increase versus gdp. that's what he said.
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>> bob: can i say -- >> eric: everybody wants to blame the tea party. mr. chambers said who heads the s&p, director said and i asked him, if there was a balanced budget amendment in america, would we have been downgraded. he didn't say it on camera but after the camera went off, he said you're 100% right. >> bob: that goes into the conspiracy theory. thank you very much. >> before we go to the break, who are the conspirators? >> bob: well, first, if i thought collectively they had enough sense to get conspiracy going. someone is helping them along the way. balanced budget, fine. if he had a balanced budget amendment we wouldn't do it to you. who wants the balanced budget amendment? far right wing of the republican party. >> 845% of the american people. >> eric: mr. obama will be attending two dnc tonight. attends event in private residence in washington, d.c.,
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joining 140 people with ticket for the victory fund price at $15,000. coming up, tim geithner says he will stay on as treasury secretary. we'll give you our five opinions. don't forget, we love the hear what you have to say. e-mail us. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." we are talking about the downgrade. earlier today we heard standard & poor's downgraded the credit rating of fannie mae and freddie mac. to some people that might be a foreign language. what does it mean to folks out there? >> eric: another notch on the belt of the obamanomics failing. another downgrade. how it affects everyone watching. it makes it that much more difficult for real estate market to come back. it tells everyone the real estate market isn't coming back soon. so that means the construction jobs aren't coming back soon, to unemployment is likely to
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stay elevated for a long time. >> fannie mae and freddie are government owned enterprises to say they'll buy mortgages so people own their home. if the government ban the credit rating, should extent to fannie and freddie as well. are they still buying bad mortgage or the fed isn't going to put mortgage in there? >> eric: sorry, bob. i know you want to jump in. huge can of worms that you opened up. look at the states that are rated a.a.a.? there are ten or 12 states with tens of investors in the state. if the u.s. government isn't a.a.a. how the states be rated a.a.a. if they get 20, 30, 40% of the money from the fed? >> they can't. >> bob: there is one terrible credit agency downgraded us and the others have not. the other thing about freddie and fannie they don't own
11:17 pm
the -- it's a stock, publicly held company but they back up loans of fannie and. fannie made loan captioned by closed captioning services, inc s they should haven't made, trillions of dollars worth that caused a lot of housing problems. >> dana: part of it is boaster star kept giving them the go ahead. >> bob: that is right. the reality is for people who own, freddie and fannie now because the interest rate on the treasury note are not going up, because of this downgrade, then that means that fannie and freddie will continue to loan money. is there a moment in your life, eric, where you don't think a nightmare of barack obama? is there? >> eric: 2012, november 1. get over it. >> bob: where the bachmann administration is taking over? >> eric: yeah. >> dana: moms and dads, what do you think it means? >> kimberly: they are worried about this. who wouldn't be. the stock market we saw drop
11:18 pm
off before and after president obama spoke is a real indication of the concern here. you had fannie and freddie what guarantee how much? guarantee $5 trillion in home loans in the united states. that is a real impact. you can be dismissive of the s&p but if moody's make statement they reaffirmed august 2 the a.a.a. rating but not guaranteed it and it's suggest to change. spending cuts must happen. we must deal with the $4.5 trillion deficit. we haven't done it yet. >> bob: true they back up the $4.5 trillion. but it's set mortgages. it's mortgages down the road. if you want to get freddie and fannie to back you up. even in the fraudulent standard & poor's was to see a big deal, 4 $4.5 trillion deficit deal. i come back to this which you conveniently forget. barack obama put real cuts on the table with john boehner in entitlement programs. to the point where the left
11:19 pm
was screaming top of the hill. boehner agreed to some tax increases. he went back to the caucus. the tea party wouldn't let him do it. i'm not sure that obama could have got it but two of them tried. nobody else tried. except for paul ryan. >> dana: i want to ask the judge because we have a sound bite from tim geithner. one question today is whether or not he should resign. listen to what he said in response to that. >> i believe in the president. i love my work. i think if the president asks you to serve, we have to do it. we have men and women dying to protect the country in afghanistan. unemployment above 9%. still trying to heal scars of the crisis. a lot of work to do. >> do you feel that you or the administration's policies are in any way responsible for the downgrade? >> absolutely not. you have seen the president work hard to make progress trying to heal the damage caused by the crisis. >> dana: what else is he supposed to say?
11:20 pm
difficult position. i'm not a person who jumps on a bandwagon calling for someone to resign. i think presidents make the decision. >> i think he should resign for two reasons, one could appeal for bob. it would be politically good for the president to get him out of the administration. politically, disaster. inaccurate cheerleader. he has no respect amongst the banking community and business community and wall street community and the united states of america. for that reason he can't effectively -- effectively -- >> bob: i can't think of another treasury secretary that went through more difficult times than this guy has and done a remarkably good jobs given the cards dealt him. if you don't agree, whether it would help politically, i don't think treasury secretaries does a lot politically. >> you don't think hank paulson falls in that category? >> bob: hank paulson had his problems, too. but i don't think treasury secretaries matter. this is bigger than the treasury secretary and bigger
11:21 pm
than a white house. i wouldn't think of any set of policies that you could have done that would have gotten the economy back on the feet and roaring in two years. >> eric: it may be bigger than one white house but not bigger than one white house and one senate. if the senate but republican, you would have had spending cuts and we would haven't been downgraded. >> dana: i don't know if that is necessarily true because you had republicans in charge for eight years and when president bush tried to bring up social security reform they went running for the hill. >> bob: you think this guy starting out with everything against him? >> he admitted he hadn't paid his taxes on time. people have problem with tack taxes. he is the secretary of the treasury. >> bob: i've had a few of my own. i had illegal maids. many of them. >> dana: if we keep going, bob is in trouble. we'll take a break. >> kimberly: he will be indicted. >> bob: statue of limitations i think. >> dana: perfect. save you from yourself. ♪
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get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. ♪ ♪ put your arms down. welcome back to "the five." talking about the debt and downgrade and where to go from here. before the break we talk about whether or not tim geithner should resign as secretary of the testry. take a listen to the q&a with fox business news' peter barnes four months ago about whether or not standard & poor's would ever downgrade the debt of the federal government. >> is there a ris that can the united states could lose the a.a.a. credit rating, yes or no? >> no risk of that. >> standard & poor's is wrong, the united states will keep the a.a.a. credit rating? >> absolutely. >> no ris that can the federal government would lose the a.a
11:27 pm
a.a.a. rating? victim of a conspiracy? >> bob: there was, not a fraud leapt downgrade but we are saying downgrade but it's based on one organization doing this the word has gone out about geithner and word is start to talk about who could take his place. our own mike huckabee suggested that donald trump might be the secretary of treasury, which is like putting colonel sanders in charge of the chickens. >> what do you mean by that? >> bob: i'm sure colonel sanders would i'm sure take care of the chickened not boil them up. donald trump, a wonderful thought that is. speak for itself. say donald trump as secretary. >> people are talking about why geithner should leave and who should replace him. how about one of your member of paul ryan.
11:28 pm
president would never appoint somebody like that. >> eric: he has too much work to do with. congress, other names, trump, yeah. no more corzine. he almost ruined new jersey, as governor. forget him. someone who knows how to handle spending, not overspending what you have. how to handle this. >> let me tell you why i think it won't happen. >> what won't? >> dana: secretary geithner will not resign and they will not force him to go because the pressure for them to appoint someone more favorable to big business and the bank and the right would be so great. the only thing left in their tool it can is bashing the banks. telling you, it is coming. >> bob: >> what do.
11:29 pm
>> what do you they this the federal government can do about this? in the president's lame statement, congress in recess, president is going to martha's vineyard. >> kimberly: he needs to cancel golfing vacation, knock it off. no more martha vineyard and show he is serious about this there was a abdocation of leadership. he never came up with a plan credible to begin with. two, failed to have an adequate response after we were downgraded. three, we see the stock market drops now. if he wants to be serious about getting re-elected he has to come up with a plan to include spending and entitlement or we'll be downgraded again and we'll join ranks of bermuda. slovenia, population of 2 million. share the same downgraded rating. and qatar. >> bob: i sat next to you now on this show. >> you have enjoyed it. >> bob: i enjoyed every minute of it. i particularly enjoy the camaraderie of the shared
11:30 pm
philosophical views we have. but i said over and over again, if you ask boehner, they would say the same thing. they came up with a plan and it was shot down. >> eric bolling had a plan. a good number, member of congress have publicly endorsed it. >> eric: two presidential candidates so far endorsed it. one writing on the congressional stationary agrees. there is $2 to $3 trillion in the oversea bank account. if the money is brought to the u.s., taxed at 35%. alow a tax holiday to 0%. bring the money back. but 25% of the money, remember this is company's money. is escrowed and has to be used for u.s. employees or buying equipment. it's only stimulus.
11:31 pm
by the way, it will probably create half a million, million jobs. >> bob: this is an historic moment o on "the five." this is a good idea. i like the hiring side and ininvestment stuff. i no faith that the corporations would do the right thing by their own country and bring the money back otherwise. a very good idea. but can i make a point. you said ryan. we should get to paul ryan. >> the super committee. >> bob: ryan complained about the supercommittee and said not much will happen with it. you know why he said it? >> before that, did you listen to what he said? >> bob: did you? >> boehner comes to you and says paul i want you on the committee, you're mr. budget, would you go on? >> i would if he did that. >> do you want to be on it? >> well, look, i'm not putting my stock in this committee. people are overemphasizing what this committee is going to achieve. i don't think the committee will achieve a full fix to
11:32 pm
republicans because democrats never wanted to put their healthcare bill on the table. >> bob: is it me or does he look like alfred e. newman? i don't know. >> dana: why the personal attack? >> bob: it's no i like newman. the reason he's downplaying what he can do is the power is going -- if they were successful, the budget committee would not be as powerful. appropriation committee the same thing. remember if, if there is a chance that the committee would do something, they have to come out with a major rewrite of the entire economic plan for the future. it's not subject to amendment or filibuster. >> eric: we'll give bob beckel the last word. >> "the five" will be right back. >> bob: that's a first! >> kimberly: happy now? ♪ ♪ service was very moving, wasn't it?
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>> kimberly: we heard about the tragic loss of 30 american troops in afghanistan. a stark reminder to all of us that the war that we fight against terror is alive. that resonateed with everybody over the weekend. the tragic loss and families. what is important is the pentagon spokesman said today that the initial investigation showed that the crash was likely called by a taliban shoulder fired rpg and said although this was the largest loss, for the u.s., and in temples of combat it doesn't represent a watershed moment or trend in favor of the taliban. this is the concern, they get momentum to this. is this reflective of how we can battle against terror and afghanistan. inroads we have been able to make. this highlight the need for counterterrorism for us to be
11:39 pm
successful to defeat terror. >> dana: a collective sucker punch to america on saturday morning when we woke up and heard the news. i know everybody here and across the country, grieve for widows their children. the navy seals are so remarkable. hard to describe. when i was in white house press secretary in the hast week of the administration we won't to norfolk, virginia, to the navy seal training center and they were the young men with long beards. you can imagine where they were about to go. and president bush gave a speech and took pictures with them individually two seals came up in the back and said are you the press secretary, could we get a picture? sure, of course, i'd love to. i'm honored. i was making small talk and i said to one of them, do you have to take a lot of language courses when you go through this training? >> one of the seals said to me, oh, no, ma'am. we're really not there to talk. [ laughter ]
11:40 pm
that pretty much sums it up. >> kimberly: we have so much to thank them for. for the inroads and progress in the middle east and gans. this is the new way we combat, you know, terror. bob, you have a. >> i share sentiment but let me tell you that before this horrible incident there was a growing fatigue about afghanistan and the country. and in congress. particularly on the far left which you expect and the far right of the republican party. even boehner came out saying that he thought they were getting tired of this. this is the event that happens and will put energy in that movement. with petraeus leaving there will have to be a cig gains or you have -- significant gain. >> i grieve for them because they are human beings and selfless. i known seal and had privilege of working with them. you will never find a finer
11:41 pm
example of a human male. what do you mean that the shooting down of helicopter will accelerate our departure from the middle east? or accelerate our firmness? >> bob: i think it will accelerate the country. not a small percept of the country that fools this way. if you couple the money we spend and loss we have there and jep sense we have corrupt administration in kabul, which there is, there is a short period of time before pay sense of the american people run out. >> eric: let's not make this a money issue. barney frank was pointing something out today. we could haven't worse timing pointing out the money issue, spending on the military. meanwhile, there are 30 or so seals and some of our finest men went down. 30 kids don't have daddy today. his timing is unbelievable. these are heroes, american heroes. >> bob: nobody disagrees
11:42 pm
with that. that was not the point i was making. a bigger point. >> if we can put up the full screens we have to help the navy seals. they're e-mailing and jeppous with the donation in the past, the navy seal warrior foundation. you can go online and make a donation, or website on facebook or text "seal" to 90999. we'll be back on "the five." we have a lot to talk about including the controversial cover. "newsweek" magazine, have they gone too far? keep it here. ♪ ♪ of retirement questions.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: the liberal rodney
11:47 pm
dangerfield finally gets to introduce a topic. the "newsweek" cover of michele bachmann creating a controversy. critics say the picture was used to make her look back and the tite ol the queen of rage is facing backlash. rage doesn't appear anywhere in the article. i'll say this in defense of michele bachmann. now that i have looked at the picture, it is outrageous. it does i think portray her as happened with sarah palin in a negative light. i don't know why "newsweek" back to back gets themselves in this controversy when you knew you were going to get it. amazingly, the national organization of women, one of your favorite groups come out in defense of bachmann on this. >> dana: the reason they did it back-to-back is the reason what we're doing right now, giving them attention. i will guarantee you if the head of "newsweek" had a picture of herself like this on the cover of my magazine there would be h-e-double
11:48 pm
hockey sticks to pay. finally, the national organization for women defended bachmann against "newsweek." interesting they chose this one to defend. look at what terry o'neil said. it's sexist, casting her in that expression and then adding the queen of rage, i think it is, i guess sexist. gloria steinem had a very simple test. is it done to a man? has it every been done to a man? surely this has never been done to a man. >> we can probably agree the media does it every time. they seem to pick on women more than men, right? >> bob: true, except for right wing blogs that picture me massachusetts a c. a crazy. >> but you're not a candidate for office. >> eric: this isn't gender sexist. they had romney a few weeks ago with his hands off coming off a broadway play. >> isn't he coming off a broadway play?
11:49 pm
>> not that i know of. >> kimberly: this is not only sexist but part and parcel of the mainstream media. when they attack conservative. they had no problem with what they did to sarah palin and mitt romney. now michele bachmann. we talked to the bachmann's office, which this shot is appalling and makes her look like she is crazy is a test shot for lighting. they asked if it would be used. just doing a test for lighting. yes. look at the camera. >> you know how it goes. they ran it anyway. if you look at the comparison of the newsweek cover with "newsmax" you see the difference and jus juxtapositio. >> bob: let's not just lump them together. >> can we go beyond the cover? the article itself seems to set her up for a victory in iowa, which if she doesn't get
11:50 pm
kaboom. she perceived as having failed. >> kimberly: dana knows. >> dana: what this is, that you see her and different places across the left leaning main stream media, building her up, helping her win in iowa. there is a reason for that. they want her to be the nominee or tear her down. because they don't think she can win against president obama. >> the polls are doing that she is from minnesota burned in iowa. a lot of reasons to consider her a first tear canada. this is appalling what they did. she better get used to. get use. >> they did this to hillary clinton, too. remember they wanted hillary clinton to beat obama. >> can you deny the wisdom of what dana suggested? >> bob: i don't think they. >> they think president obama can clobber her and want to push her away or they want her to rise and fall immediately to get. >> it's why i want to contribute $5,000.
11:51 pm
i think she would be the ideal candidate to run against. >> kimberly: this is a real conspiracy. >> bob: the standard & poor's, whatever they are, eric's buddies. here is a magazine. >> they are not the author of the article and people who chose the photograph conspiring to make her look like a mad woman? >> yes. >> dana: i think there is a better explanation, it looks like a conspiracy and feels like one so it might be. but my experience is somebody wrote the article, somebody wrote the headline and somebody chose the photographer. the editors weren't paying attention. >> can we point out page 12, washington proves communists were right? and also a year ago, here it is. america is back. the remarkable tale of economic turn-around. congratulations "newsweek." >> bob: we have to get out
11:52 pm
of here. >> is she former member of congress? >> i wouldn't label her that. >> the iowa straw poll is trying to lower expectation. the game is to lower expectation. if you are from minnesota and out there 43 days tough to lower it. >> do you advise him to lower expectation? >> bob: i don't think he can. >> he tried to down play it on "fox news sunday." under promise, overdeliver is what he is hoping. the polling isn't good. he is doing internal polling in iowa and he doesn't think he will win it. newsweek is building up michele bachmann to tear her down. >> bob: now we have two conspiracys going on. >> keep it coming. >> all right. this weekend, oakridge boys inducted iducted inducted in th' opry. and they got a surprise from one of their biggest fans.
11:53 pm
we'll play you the tape when we come back to "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." country music group oakridge boys were inducted in the grand ol' opry saturday night in the ceremony they got a big
11:57 pm
surprise from their biggest fan. president george h.w. bush. take a look. >> okridge boys and two special people to the country. it'd like for you to watch this. >> i wish barbara and i could be there tonight on the stage of the grand ole opry. >> oakridge boys are loved and respected. not justf their long record of hit records, awards and sold-out performances but also for the work to make their community and their country a better place to live. oakridge boys represent the best of america. they donated time to perform for military men and women. song for american made and colors to remind ourselves how lucky we are to live in land of the free. >> eric: dana? >> dana: ahhh, a wonderful man. >> bob: he is one of the more thoroughly human beings.
11:58 pm
>> dana: if you read the "decision point" there is a great chapter on him. >> bob: if the republican party were more like him, we would be better off. daps i did a contest on -- >> dana: i did a contest for twiter account and asked for the obama bus tour, which he should cancel but they'll do it. great name. the 57 state visit came in from bradley scott. unemployment express from larry kelly. and i love from herman cain, downgrade one. my personal favorite was wheels falling off the bus. one nation under debt. >> eric: i came up with one, dafa. spread the wealth with one and only stop on that bus. it's obama town. smack dab in the state of socialism. >> dana: not bad. >> bob: i have a name that make sense. we're trying to drive out of the ditch before the tea party drives us over the cliff.
11:59 pm
[ laughter ] >> that is a little wordy, verbose. >> looking for cash in all the wrong places. [ laughter ] >> bob: tell you. back in boston. >> obama drama tour. >> bob: obama drama. >> dana: the bus trip to nowhere, which i wasn't the only up with who came up with that. >> bob: this is shooting fish in a barrel for you people. daps it's fun. here is the thing, though, if you are going on a bus tour as campaign consultant, you have something to announce or album to promote. >> bob: sitting there defending obama i feel like the only fire hydrant at the westminster dog show. >> dana: poor bob! >> eric: why a bus? >> bob: i don't know. it's not -- i can't answer that question. i which it wasn't but it is.


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